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BeagleBone のCapeでは無くて、もうFlight Controller ですね。
仕様は、こんな感じです。 オプションでwifiやBluetoothモジュール等も有る模様。

Processor: Sitara AM3358BZCZ100 1GHz, 2000 MIPS
Graphics Engine: SGX530 3D, 20M Polygons/S
SDRAM Memory: 1G Byte DDR3L 606MHZ
Onboard Flash: Minimum 4G Byte, 8bit Embedded MMC
Onboard 1M Byte SPI boot flash
MPU6050 Triple Axis Accelerometer and Gyro
LPS331AP MEMS pressure sensor, 260-1260 mbar absolute digital output barometer
PMIC: TPS65217C PMIC regulator and one additional DC to DC.
Debug Support: Optional Onboard 20-pin CTI JTAG, Serial Header
Power Source: miniUSB USB or DC Jack, 5VDC External Via Expansion Header
PCB: 86.44mm x 54.54mm / 3.4” x 2.15” 6 layers
Indicators 1-Power, 2-Ethernet, 4-User Controllable LEDs
HiSpeed USB 2.0 Client Port: Access to USB0, Client mode via miniUSB
2 x HiSpeed USB 2.0 Host Port via hub Access to USB1, Type A Socket, 500mA LS/FS/HS
Serial Port UART0 access via 3 pin 3.3V TTL Header. Header is populated
Ethernet 10/100/1000, RJ45
SD/MMC Connector microSD , 3.3V
User Input: Reset Button, Boot Button, Power Button
Video Out: HDMI, 1280x1024 (MAX), 1024x768,1280x720,1440x900 w/EDID Support
Audio Via HDMI Interface, Stereo





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